Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Dubai

Colorful Chinese food is famous for diversified aromatic flavour and taste. For the top-class Chinese food restaurant in Dubai, Malik restaurant is the top preference . Our Chinese dishes are a work of art for the guests to appreciate. The three main components of our Chinese dishes include diverse colour, aroma and importantly, the delicious taste. We make the real Chinese dishes. The spectrum of quality and variety that you get at Malik restaurant is a wide one indeed. At Malik restaurant, the guests get some of the best food they would ever have at any place. The unique flavoured Chinese food items that we offer are completely fresh. If you’re looking for the quality and the authenticity, then Malik restaurant is the best available option. We’re one of the top class Chinese food restaurants in Dubai and hence, sit on the very top of the food spectrum. We wake-up your taste buds. Our prime focus is on the freshness. Our Chinese cuisines are the ticket to the happiness. Malik restaurant is your special occasion destination. We appreciate that our family gets bigger every time you come by.

Our best Chinese dishes show that we care for the guests. At Malik restaurant, every day is a Chinese food day. For numerous reasons, we’re the perfect-in-class Chinese restaurant in Dubai. At the top, we use ingredients that give you taste, strength, energy and vitality. In fact, we offer the best and the most delicious Chinese food that doesn’t derail your fitness goal. We propose the fresh food for your good mood. Our delicious and nutritious Chinese food is fuel for your life. Our Chinese food dishes with diversified color greatly arouse your appetite. Its aesthetic appearance with bright, harmonious and pleasing color is what attracts our guests. Not only the taste but the aesthetic value of our Chinese dishes make you amazed. Our marinated seaweed has aniseed, Chinese prickly ash seeds, cinnamon, shallot, ginger, garlic or chili, cooking wine and sesame oil to make it fragrant and flavorsome.

If you’re looking for the best Chinese Food Restaurant in Dubai, Malik restaurant has no alternative. Taste is the soul of our Chinese cuisine. Primarily, we divide taste into four classes – sweet, sour, bitter and salty. We provide exactly what you demand and desire. During the banquet, 10-12 persons sit around a table and enjoy the bounteous feast with delicious hot and cold dishes. For lip-smacking Chinese cuisine, don’t move elsewhere as we’re committed to serve the specialized Chinese varieties. There is nothing as delicious as our great variety of Chinese cuisines as all the dishes are prepared by our experienced and reputed chefs. We delight your taste buds wanting for more. The genuine reviews an feedback of our restaurant are enough to tell the whole story. China itself is made-up of 8 culinary regions and we’re known to offer the most authentic food of these regions.



Al Baraha Branch
Near Belhoul Hospital Deira,
Dubai, UAE

Port Saeed Branch
Opp: Nissan Showroom, Deira
Dubai, UAE